Jan. 22, 2015

Dr. Douglas Powell received a PhD in food science from the University of Guelph in 1996, and was a professor of food safety for 16 years at Guelph and subsequently Kansas State University.

Powell has published over 65 peer-reviewed papers, book chapters and a book, and has written over 9,000 entries for barfblog.com since 2006.

A native of Brantford, Ontario, Canada, Doug is passionate about food, has five daughters, and coaches ice hockey in Brisbane, Australia, where he resides.

Powell has 20 years of food safety experience and chose to move to Brisbane to support his wife, who was offered a professoring job at the University of Queensland (she studies French, not food safety). Powell also actively supports his five daughters in their ambitions to play (ice) hockey (I coach).

Dr. Douglas Powell
powell food safety
Google voice: 1-785-289-8165
skype: dpowell29
0478 222 221

available for media comment


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